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Qin Shi Huang's Elixir? Millennium Dendropanax

It is a great pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the organizing committees, to join us PMPAsia2017 in Pohang, Korea, for this exciting meeting, which includes an outstanding scientific program and terrific social event!

PMPAsia is the first Asian meeting for people who are working on Plant Made pharmaceuticals in Asia.
In addition to Asian participants, the world-wide famous keynote speakers will be invited to present the current status as well as leading edge of Plant Molecular Farming.
The Conference is concentrating on research in plant expression systems, down-stream processing technology, the pipeline of products now in development, and governmental regulation for PMP.
  • Keynote Speakers

    • Julian Ma
      Julian Ma
      (St. George's Univ. of London, UK)
    • Rajko Reljic
      Rajko Reljic
      (St. George's Univ. of London, UK)
    • Qiang Chen
      Qiang Chen
      (Arizona State Univ., USA)
    • Yuri Gleba
      Yuri Gleba
      (Nomad Bioscience GmbH, DE)
  • Plenary lectures

    • Daichang Yang
      Daichang Yang
      (Healthgene, CN)
    • Takeshi Matsumura
      Takeshi Matsumura
      (AIST, JP)
    • Le Tran Binh
      Le Tran Binh
      (Viet Acad. of Sci. & Technol., VN)
    • Hiroshi Kiyono
      Hiroshi Kiyono
      (Tokyo Univ., JP)
    • Moonsik Yang
      Moonsik Yang
      (Chonbuk Natl. Univ., KR)