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Preparing Your Poster Presentation before the Conference

Your poster should cover the KEY POINTS of your work. The ideal poster is designed to:

  • attract attention
  • provide a brief overview of your work
  • initiate discussion and questions

  1. The title of your poster should appear at the top in CAPITAL letters about 25mm (1″) high.
  2. The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) are put below the title.
  3. Your poster should fit within the following dimensions: • Height : 100~120 centimeters • Width : 90~100 centimeters * Recommend : W90 x H120 cm
  4. Carefully prepare your poster well in advance of the conference.
  5. Onsite Information : Pins will be provided to attach your posters to the boards.

Your poster must be posted at least 1 hour prior to your presentation time and removed immediately after the session. If your poster is left behind, it will be discarded.